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Feb. 21st, 2013

So I bought a skirt. On one hand I feel it was purely impulse, but then again I had the cash, and while meticulously trying to plan a wardrobe to not be considered ita may be safer, if I keep hemming and hawwing I'll never end up buying anything. At least the skirt is black and white and thus probably easier to coordinate.

Also found reproductions of William Morris' Strawberry Thief on Spoonflower. Freakin' sweet. Peacoquette Designs has a lot of designs I'd love to wear, let me tell you. Like this stained glass pattern, I think it'd make an amazing skirt. So I'll have to do some sketches of what I want and get 'em done. :3

Jan. 2nd, 2013

I guess this is the official Wish List of stuff I need in my life. For starters anyway.

A JSK in brown. There was one Fan+Friend had that I wanted and they no longer carry. Planning to get something like it made, and now have found out it was based off one made by Metamorphose. So I'm getting a replica of a replica? Yeah, IDEFK.

A JSK with a William Morris print. Some neat prints here. Pity Strawberry Thief isn't there.

A Mono Skirt in licorice.

A Plaid High Waisted Skirt. Custom; hoping Miss Chubi'll be able to find a plaid with more green involved. Super bonus points if it's similar to this.

Two Long Sleeved Baby Doll Blouses. One cream with a chocolate bow, and one all licorice.

That's a good start, I think. There's quite a bit from Elegy, mostly because I like the uncluttered basics and Miss Chubi's work looks pretty quality to me. :3
Okay, I want this bag for a number of reasons. For starters, I like the book style in general; I've been hemming and hawwing over IW's bags for a little bit now, but this is definitely in a palette I like. Also lately I seem to be acquiring jewelry with insects (which is kind of funny since I hate bugs), so the moths pretty much sold me.

Oct. 1st, 2012

Man, I need to get my hands on a tablet. I've got two AP parody designs using Lovely Horse Derpy-Chan in my head and holy crap I want to wear 'em.

The first is based on Dreamy Horoscope; Derpy as all the horse-type pokemon constellations, Equuleus, Monoceros, and Pegasus. And for an Angelic Derpy banner I'd use Pictor (formerly known as Equuleus Pictoris, lololol).

The second popped into my head while I was at work today, based on Moon Night Theater. Of course the text would be

with line-drawings of Derpy frolicking about.

I need to learn me some art program!
I swear Juliette et Justine want to take all my money.

I totally want this, for reasons that I know other lolitas would not consider.

Bronzino's Venus, Cupid, Folly and Time of course. You can't see Cupid's foot in the dress print, but the image of it from the painting itself was used by Terry Gilliam in the opening titles for Monty Python's Flying Circus.

I want it pretty much for that right there.

Aug. 14th, 2012

A friend made the offhand comment after showing him F Yeah, Nerdy Lolita!:

"...Jack Bros. coords. Think of the possibilities. :3"

Well shit. Now I want to do it. To be perfectly honest, it was thinking of doing a lolita-style gijinka Jack Frost a few years back that I ran across Miss Caro-chan's blog in the first place.

But thinking about Pyro Jack right now! A black JSK and a navy blue capelet can both easily incorporated into an everyday wardrobe without screaming "COSPLAY!" Want some orange and white striped tights, which is pushing it a little, but so what. This could work.
So I've been wondering.

Am I a steampunk wanting to dress with a lolita flair?

Or a lolita wanting to dress with a steampunk flair?

I think it's more the latter, mostly because of my love for Victoriana. Then again, it was my nerdiness that made me start looking at lolita as an alternative to just slapping gears on things. Buuuut, aside from the fact that the lolita community scares the shit out of me I'm not sure which side of the fence I'm on.

Jun. 8th, 2012